Holy Halloween Batman

Having a 5 year old boy is a lot of fun. They are high energy, into everything and constantly full of questions. One thing I have loved watching was the natural progression into superheros. So when shopping for Genghis I knew without a doubt he would love a Batman Halloween costume.

I found this costume for only $28.97 at Costume Discounters. The fit as you can see is perfect. The costume came with a masked black headpiece with famous pointed ears and attached cape, it also has a gray and black muscle chest jumpsuit, yellow Bat belt and boot tops.

I have never had a costume before with boot tops but I love them. They eliminate the need for matching shoes or boots for the costume by covering the existing shoe. They stay in place with a simple strap that goes under the foot. Ingenious.

This costume is not only adorable, but it is well made. Simple Velcro closures make getting it on and off easy for them to do by themselves. Of course Genghis has already wore it a couple times around the house and I have washed it. It still looks as good as it did the day we got it.

And no matter how you celebrate Halloween, make sure you follow some simple Halloween safety tips.

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