How To Repair BumGenius Diapers

I am currently having a full blown love affair with cloth diapers. They are cute, they are easy to use and I just love them.

BumGenius have quickly become one of my favorite diapers. But over time the Velcro closures get full of lint and they just don’t work as well.

You are in luck. With a little bit of time you can repair the Velcro.

What you need:
Thread ripper
Sewing machine
Diapers to repair
Diaper repair kit

Start by using the seam ripper and removing the tabs from the dipaers. Be careful not to rip the diaper.

If the laundry tabs need to be replaced, remove those also.

Line up the tabs with the diaper in between. Using your machine sew around the edge of the Velcro tabs.

Place the laundry tabs on the diaper and sew around the edges of them.

And just like that you have new Velcro on your diapers.

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