I Need a Decorator

When I first got married, my husband already had a living room set that we used for awhile. I hated it. It was uncomfortable and had the most hideous flowers on it. Eventually we were giving a set from my parents. While it was older it was still in good shape and I finally got to say goodbye to the flowers.

Of course being used, that set did last forever. Overtime we would replace pieces with new ones. The problem is that we still have not ever splurged and bought brand new. I find myself more and more dreaming of my ideal living room.

My adult life I have never had a coffee table. I had a chest that we used as a make shift one, but once Genghis was born it slowly became a toy box and was moved into his room.

While I may not be 100% sure of what type of furniture I want in my living room, I do know that I am in love with the lift-top coffee tables. Not only do you get a beautiful coffee table, but you get the added storage space of a chest.

And lets be honest. The storage space is great for throwing clutter into when unexpected guests arrive.

What pieces are in your dream living room?

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