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Infantino Comforting Play Collection — Yellow Tennessee

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Infantino has come out with a new Comforting Play Collection and it is incredible. Besides being totally cute, these toys also have a very comforting and soothing factor, making them perfect for all babies.

I recently became a Mom Central Infantino Test Drive Program member. My first duty was to review the complete line of Infantino Comforting Play toys. I have always been a big fan of the Infantino brand so I was really excited to see what else they were coming up with. This collection is one of my favorites so far.

All Around 1-2-3 Teether
: Miss Stalin is in the middle of teething hell right now. We are living on teething rings and Motrin. I love that this teether has 3 different shapes with 3 different textures to choose from. It is easy for her to move it around and find the one that she likes the best and then go to town.

Foot Rattles: I think foot and hand rattles are a staple when it comes to babies. We are full on in the ‘Oh look, I have feet’ stage and these rattles just make grabbing for your toes that much more fun.

Ouchie Pal: What a ingenious idea. I love products that serve a dual purpose. This is a must-have for the diaper bag. Toss the Ouchie Pal in the refrigerator before your trip and then hook it onto the car seat or diaper bag. It is filled with buckwheat to soothe bumps or stings. And the cute little puppy face also provides an engaging toy.

Sweet Bee Scented Pal
: Hands down, this cute little bee has become a favorite of both mine and Miss Stalin’s. It has a ring so you can hang it on the car seat but best of all it is scented with lavender. Perfect for calming a fussy baby. The bee’s wings are crinkly and she loves squeezing them over and over. While the flower attached contains a rattle. We both love this toy!

Sweet Serenade Crib Toy
: This crib toy features a chunky handle so baby can eventually grab ahold and pull the string. When the cord is pulled, the animals move slowly in a circle from night to day while playing soothing music. While Miss S. can’t pull the cord herself, she loves to lay there and watch it.

Soothing Snuggle Pup
: This pup seems to do it all, he can attach to crib rails, a bassinet, hang on the car seat handle, or even attach to the high chair. Two velcro attachments, one on his head and one on his back, hold it securely in place. His body is soft and fuzzy while his ears are made from corduroy. It comes with a removable music box that plays 3 different tunes and has an adjustable volume.

Hug and Tug Wooly Pal: First off I love the colors of this entire collection. They are all slightly muted but still cheery. This little horse is one of the cutest of the bunch. He is stuffed with all natural wool. The little legs are knotted and end in balls, giving baby lots to grab onto and play with.

Soothing Hand Squeezes
: Made to mimic holding moms finger, these little fingerless gloves, give baby something to squeeze while still leaving the fingers free for exploration. I think these would be great for a smaller baby. Miss Stalin at 6 months old does not hold still long enough to get these on her hands.

Binky Buddy: If you have a pacifier lover then you will love the Binky Buddy. These cute, cuddly guys keep the pacifier close and are also sweet to look at. I have had 2 thumb suckers so while I don’t use these to keep a binky close, they are still adorable.

Wrist Rattles: An adorable bear and a sheep adorn these little rattles. A small velcro closure holds them around baby’s wrist. Every time they move their wrist, the rattle makes a noise. Miss S. loves these and they provide lots of entertainment.

I admit that I am thrilled with this entire collection. With some things that it seems she is a little too old for and some that she will grow into, this collection really does have something for everyone. I think a new mom or a mom to be would love anything in this collection.

For more information on this collection and other Infantino products, including where to by, visit the Infantino site.

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

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