Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier

I love baby carriers. With having a new baby and a 5 year old, I needed something to keep the baby happy while still keeping my hands free. Add to that, a baby who is most happy when mama is holding her. There were many nights in the beginning when my house stayed a mess, dinner was served at 8pm when she was in bed, and I was doing good to take a shower. Thankfully we have gotten through most of that and I can now get dinner made by 5pm. The house is not a disaster zone anymore and I usually shower daily. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Miss Stalin is still happiest in mamas arms.

Carriers have saved my house, our meals and even my sanity. As an Infantino Test Drive Mom I was thrilled when the Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier showed up in the mail. The very next day we had a shopping trip planned, so after getting used to the carrier and how it worked, I figured that shopping would be a great way to test it out.

Finally an easier-to-use wrap carrier for you and your baby to enjoy. Sync offers all the tried and
true benefits of wrap style carrying. The unique lumbar belt simplifies usage while providing maximum back support. And with the one-sizefits-all design, you are free to customize the fit to your own body style.

To be honest I have mixed feelings on this carrier.

* Great construction.
* Versatile.
* Made from a brand you know and trust.
* Distributes weight evenly.
* Adjustable lumbar belt provides ultimate back support.
* Light-weight stretch cotton panels holds shape and keeps you and baby cool.
* Clever knit straps provide additional support for baby.

* Many of the carry positions require a support person to help with the baby. As a mom whose husband works out of town, I do not have access to a support person when I really need to use the carrier. I have a couple other carriers that I can easily get the baby in and out of on my own. With this one, I needed help. And that help is not always available.
* Baby sits very low in the carrier.
* While the stretch panel is designed for a better fit it ended up leaving this carrier feeling somewhat flimsy and not as sturdy. I hate feeling like I still have to support the baby while using a carrier.

With all carriers, you are going to find things you love about some and hate about others. They are all a matter of preference. While this carrier was actually very comfortable on, it is one that I know I will not reach for first.

Miss Stalin is just over 9 months old but is still a very tiny baby. At just under 13 pounds, the infant carry was the most effective in getting her in there and making me feel as though she was seated properly and snug. The problem with that, is that she is 9 months old. She likes to have her legs and hands free. With the infant carry position, she was not happy.

No problem, we can do the toddler front carry. This allows her legs to be free so she can move them around and allows for her hands to be free also. In this position, I felt like she sat way too low in the actual carrier. No matter how many times I tried to re-wrap it, she was still seated with her face in the middle of my chest. While she was happy she got her feet and hands free, she was not happy with the very limited view of her world.

Before she started fussing.

I will say that even though this was not the ideal carrier for us at this point and time, it was very comfortable. Even with her sitting in it very low, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. Never did I feel as though all the weight was on my hips or shoulders.

For a look at the different carry positions as well as a visual to each carry check out this video:

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