Jambu Shoes Review

I am in love with a pair of boots. I am a busy woman. I home school, have a 9 month old baby and have a husband who is out of town for work more than he is home. That basically means that I do it all. And my feet yell at me at the end of every day.

Vegan Colorado boot in black

I recently received the opportunity to work with Jambu shoes and I could not wait until they arrived. I have heard nothing but good things about them and I wanted to see if they were really as good as I had heard. Let me tell you the rumors are all true.

I tried out the Vegan Colorado boot in black. First up, look at how cute they are. Seriously, they thought of every detail. Besides being functional, they include cute little touches that make girls happy. From blue details along the back and at the sole, to the buckles that adorn the sides. Everything about these shoes screams ‘put me on’.

The Colorado boot features an eco-friendly rubber outsole and a memory foam footbed. Have you ever owned shoes with memory foam? Seriously, it is like walking around on a pillow all day long. My feet are so in love with the comfort of these boots. And my girl side is in love withe feminine touches. It is a win, win situation as far as I am concerned.

Not to mention those soles leave a pretty print when I go walking around. All Jambu Vegan designs are 100% animal friendly. Besides having a rubber outsole, they are also made of partially recycled materials. So what is not to love? Eco friendly, animal friendly, ultra comfortable, and absolutely adorable. Just what this busy mom needs. And they look pretty good with jeans!

But this is not the only style that Jambu shoes offers. They have everything from sandals, to clogs, tennis shoes, to flats, and of course boots. If we lived in a colder environment, I would have to buy a pair of the Volt Heated Boot. They feature a onboard switch and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that warms the inside of the soles for 5 hours. Perfect for anyone who is outside in the cold!

The Vegan Colorado boots retail for $149. Jambu shoes are sold at many different online retailers and some stores. Visit Where to Buy at Jambu to find a location near you. Your feet will thank you later.

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