Keep in Touch. Conference calls, not just for work.

At some point and time I am sure that most of us have been on a conference call. When I was working full time conference calls were a great way to have meetings with people in different locations.

Most of you know that I am originally from St Louis. The downfall of moving away is that I don’t get to talk to my mom and my sister like we used to. There is nothing better than sitting down together and just talking about our lives and what is going on. My mom and my sister are my best friends and I really miss our time together.

I had never thought about trying out a conference call so the three of us could talk like we used to. And while there is nothing like being in the same room together, a phone call where the 3 of us could catch up would be the next best thing.

Powwownow offers conference call options not only for work but also for family as a new way to keep in touch. They even offer free conference options.

Now I am going to have to find a time that works for the three of us and spend sometime catching up and chatting like we used to.

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