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Lee Jeans — Yellow Tennessee

Lee Jeans

My husband lives in jeans. He is a carpenter by trade and so carpenters jeans are a main staple in his wardrobe. On the weekends, he still wears jeans.

So when I had the chance for him to try out Lee Jeans, I jumped at the chance. Working in the field that he does, he is not easy on clothes. We are constantly having to buy him new jeans and shirts due to tearing, staining, and wear and tear.

First up, the fit. Tom likes to wear his jeans a little bigger in the waist than what he normally wears. So we always get them a size big. He also have very big legs so many times jeans are too snug through the thighs. He had no issues with the fit of these jeans. They were roomy enough without being baggy.

The quality. Tom has only wore these jeans for work twice now so to be honest I am not sure how they will hold up over time. However, one thing I noticed when washing them, is they still look brand new. There has been no fading or shrinking. Tom noticed while wearing them that the quality seems better than the jeans he normally wears.

I can’t wait to see how these hold up over the long run. So far it seems as though we have found our new go to work jean.

You can order your own Lee Jeans online. And be sure to like them on Facebook.

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