Make Valentine’s Day Special

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I know we are all racking our brains trying to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone in our life.  I believe that no matter the occasion the best gifts are those that are from the heart.  If you really think about the person you are buying for, the perfect gift is one that shows how much you know them.  
The go to flowers and chocolates are sure to be a hit with anyone.  I know I love fresh flowers and a great piece (or 20) of candy.  Jewelry or a new diamond is also sure to be a hit for anyone you want to be your Valentine. 

Handmade and homemade gifts are often some of the best gifts you can do.  Not only are you giving a gift but you took time out to make something.  And we all know as a mom, our time is precious.  

Homemade treats are one of my favorite things to do for special occasions.  Even a box cake mix decorated to fit the occasion can show that you were thinking of the person.  Try cupcakes or a cake this year and decorate with candy hearts, red and pink icing or even some chocolates.  
Since having a child homemade cards are a huge hit.  Not only does it allow them to get involved but it creates a really special keepsake.  I know someday I will love looking back on the cards I got when my children were little. 

One thing I started at home a couple years ago for Valentine’s Day is something we call love notes.  The idea is so simple.  Just make different sizes and colors of hearts on construction paper.  Cut out the hearts and on each heart write a reason you love the person.  I do these love notes for my husband and leave them on the bathroom mirror, on the review mirror in his truck, in his lunch box, and all the other places I know he will see them.  My husband and I also do these love notes for Genghis.  We each write the reasons we love him and then leave them all over his bedroom door while he is sleeping.  He wakes up every Valentine’s Day to a door covered with hearts listing the reasons we love him.  I think as he gets older this will be even more special.  
There are so many things you can do for Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.   No matter what route you decide to go be sure to think of the person you are buying for to ensure a gift they will love.
What do you do to make Valentine’s Day special? 

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