Masturbation and Your Child. What The….

Genghis was a little overdue for his 5 year check up at the doctor. So on Friday off we went. As I expected there are no major issues, he is growing fine and pretty much right on target for normal 5 year old behavior.

At least that is what I thought. The doctor gave me a couple sheets of paper that explain what a child should be doing at this age.

Child should know fantasy from reality but still engage in pretend play. Check!

A 5 year old enjoys singing, dancing and play acting. They can follow rules and play competitive games. Check!

Sexual curiosity and masturbation are common. Encourage your child to masturbate in private. Say What????


I understand that all children go through a stage of discovery when it comes to their body. Genghis discovered he had a penis a few years ago and as it typical for all boys, he likes to make sure it is still there from time to time. While I have had to encourage him to ‘scratch’ or ‘adjust’ in private, the idea that at this age he could be masturbating is disturbing to me.

I remember reading a blog post a while back from MomDot in which she read an article from WebMD Magazine stating that masturbation was common at the age of 4.


In my way of dealing with this, I fought the urge to vomit and then instantly forgot about said blog post. Until the doctor told me that my 5 year old is socially on par if he is masturbating.

I know the world is very different than it was when I was a child. What was considered taboo and even inappropriate can now be found on prime time television shows. I have to wonder though, what are children being exposed to that causes them to grow up so much sooner?

And while Genghis is on target for being a ‘normal’ 5 year old, this is one area that he is very behind in. I intend to keep it that way!

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