Moving on up

With the recent purchase of some land we are in the middle of logistical hell. There is literally nothing out there. We have to have a well dug, septic put in and power run. And then comes the packing, the actual move and the unpacking.

We just moved a year ago. I now think of that move as our trial run. I learned a lot about how to make a move run smoothly and go as quickly as possible.

First up, lots and lots of boxes of course. I start by packing those things that we can live without for a while. Out of season clothes, some kitchen appliances, some books, and extra dishes. But with our last move I have learned that leaving those packed boxes stacked up in the hallway is not really the best idea.

So with our upcoming move, I will be looking into the self storage units. All those boxes I can pack up early will be safely tucked away in a private storage unit. Keeping my hallways and extra space clutter free.

With locations all over the country, you too can make sure your move goes smoothly, even Tennessee storage for those of us who live in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.

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