New TV? Don’t Foget the Stand

When shopping for a new television, most people don’t put that much thought into the actual stand. TV Stands can be a great way to really showcase your new TV. Gone are the plastic stands that come with the TV, more and more people are looking for a stylish way to display their TV.

When we moved into this house it came with a built in TV stand. I love it. It features a great spot for the TV as well as shelves below for all the components. It also has 2 shelves above it that is great for pictures and some nick-knacks. When shopping for a TV stand, consider corner TV stands. These are not only functional but they also offer the added benefit of making wasted space usable.

Often times the corner of a room becomes nothing more than a spot to collect dust. It is hard to find furniture to fit into those corners. These TV stands are stylish and really help you get the most out of the space you have.

Of course you can’t go wrong with the classic look of wood. I am in love with oak TV stands. The lighter wood color really does go well with any decorating style.

What is your TV resting on?

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