News Of The Week. Starting and ending with Weiners.

This week has been a fun one for news. Here’s the recap:

Anthony Weiner’s denied sending pictures to a young girl. He claimed his Twitter account was hacked. Then he admits he did send the pictures. Said pictures are leaked onto the internet and Weiner’s refuses to step down. I love me a good circus and this is turning into one.

The Arizona wildfire is still burning out of control. The 640-square-mile blaze remains largely uncontained and firefighters worry that southwesterly winds will cause it to grow even larger. Smoke from the fire can be seen as far as Kansas.

One from my corner of the world. 7 zebras have escaped from a farm in Haywood County, Tennessee. These zebras have been roaming the fields and farms of the area for about 2 weeks now. Attempts to catch them have been unsuccessful.

Dalia Dippolito, 30, of Boynton Beach, Fla., was convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her husband, but not before offering one we haven’t heard before for her defense. Her lawyer told the jury that it was all a fake scheme to pitch a reality-TV show about one spouse’s ordering a hit on the other. She claims her husband, Michael, had originally come up with the idea. As Dippolito’s plan unfolded, her boyfriend alerted police, who set up a sting and witnessed Dippolito dictating exactly what she wanted done. The husband denies any involvement and the jury didn’t believe her.

As promised, the news ends with ‘weiners’. A UK woman steals her husbands sperm from a sperm bank and then wins back child support. In 1999 a man decided to have his sperm frozen before starting medical treatments that could leave him infertile. In 2000, the couple divorces but the woman forges his signature and uses his sperm to get pregnant. In 2007 the woman sued. A judge recently sided with the woman because in the divorce settlement he did not take into account the 2 children. Even though the man never knew he had children.

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