No More Fundraiser Junk

Even if you don’t have children who are in school at some point you have come across someone trying to raise money for their school.  From co-workers, to neighbors, to being stopped outside your local store, we have all had to deal with this.  I know that I love the idea of supporting my local schools and I really do want to help out but honestly, I don’t need or want half of the things they are selling.  So what is a girl to do?  I can say no thank you but then you are not helping out the school.  So I end up buying something that I will never use and spend what I think is way too much money for it.  There has to be a better way. 

If you are involved in your child’s school or even church, then you have to check out Big Event Fundraising.  They have tons of school fundraising ideas that are sure to make your next fundraiser a huge success.  And even better, they actually have products that people want.  I love the Spring into Green catalog which not only features tasty treats but products made from natural materials and even gardening items.  No matter what product line you chose you can be sure there is something for everyone. 

Big Event Fundraising even went as far as to make sure that your children stay motivated to sell the products with their incentive programs.  I remember when I did  school fundraising the incentive items that were most wanted were also the most unattainable.  With Big Event Fundraising, the incentive prizes are not only reachable, they are also geared to help your child have fun and even learn.  Imagine how many items your child would sell if they could be rewarded with a Super Splash Party or a Magic Show. 

What are some of the best items you have seen for fundraisers?  

*I was compensated for this post however all opinions and ideas expressed are my own. 

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