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Oneida. Set your perfect table — Yellow Tennessee

Oneida. Set your perfect table

Summer is the time of year when backyard BBQ’s and outdoor parties are around every corner. Your dishes can really make or break a perfect table setting.

Oneida can help with making sure you table is perfect. From classic to modern styles with everything from glasses, to plates, to silverware, there is something for everyone and every taste. Oneida’s Chefs Table dinnerware is a perfect way to dress up your table. It comes in many different styles and shapes.

I had the opportunity to review the Chefs Table dinnerware in white. The shape I received was the soft square. The first thing I noticed was that the dinnerware was heavy. It is not so heavy that they are difficult to carry, but there is a real weight to these plates. This makes me think that they are going to hold up for a long time.

The shape of these plates is really neat. Being a soft square, the edges are rounded. The actual face of the plate sinks in a little. This allows a nice edge around the plate but it still has plenty of room for food. The edge is ideal for holding the plate without losing your grip.

Oneida says this collection is designed with everyday use in mind. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. And the best part, it comes with a 3 year no chip warranty. The all white color is ideal for really showcasing your food. Even the simplest of meals become a masterpiece.

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