Need Some Extra Money? Sell Your Unused Gift Cards.

It is that time of year when gift cards seem to be in abundance. From weddings to graduations, gift cards are the easy go to gift when you just don’t know what to buy.

Enter Plastic Jungle. This one site can not only take care of all your gift card shopping needs, but it can also take those gift cards you have no use for off your hands.

Plastic Jungle will buy your gift cards from you for up to 92% of the total value. You can sell your gift card from one of over 400 retailers by mailing in your card to Plastic Jungle. Payment is then made via Amazon gift card, Paypal, Cashiers check or you can donate your balance to charity.

Simply enter you gift card information online and Plastic Jungle will tell you how much they will buy it for. If you decide to sell, they will send you a postage paid envelope to mail in your gift card. They will then pay you by the method you selected.

Don’t want to wait? Plastic Jungle now offers instant payment. Gift cards from 34 select retailers can be traded for instant payment via Paypal or an Amazon gift card. Either way, you can trade in those gift cards for something you really want.

Sell your gift card and get some extra money just in time for summer fun! Also be sure to like Plastic Jungle on Facebook to hear of deep discounted gift cards and other special offers.

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