Snacks Made Fun with Crunch Pak

I cannot believe that in less than a month, Genghis will be starting school. The time has really flown by. But along with school comes the added stress of finding healthy meal options that travel well. Add to it the need for a quick but healthy after school snack and you can wind up feeling very overwhelmed.

Crunch Pak, the leading maker of fresh sliced apples, has a new line of fresh sliced apple products and sliced apple snack packs for kids that are co-branded with Disney.

The new Crunch Pak with Disney line features popular Disney characters such as Phineas and Ferb and characters from the Cars 2 movie and meets nutritional guidelines created just for kids.

For this review I received some of the new Disney Crunch Pak products. Besides being a great healthy snack, they are fun to eat. Genghis like most boys is in love with the Cars 2 movie, so eating apples that Lighting McQueen eats adds a certain cool factor.

Crunch Pak’s FOODLES line are already in stores everywhere nationwide. Packaged in the shape of Mickey Mouse and featuring Mickey and friends characters, FOODLES™ feature an assortment of healthy snack food options including apples, grapes, cheese and pretzels. This fall, Crunch Pak will offer its first Princess FOODLES™, Cinderella’s Carriage, for back to school snacking.

In addition to the new Disney co-branded products, Crunch Pak offers a family of healthy fresh food items including Snackers™, Just Grapes and Crunch Pak carrots, all introduced over the past year and gaining distribution nationwide.

Our favorite thing was the FOODLES snack. Apple slices, caramel and cheese all in a fun container that is shaped like Mickey Mouse. I love knowing that he is getting a healthy snack. And he loves that it is fun. The apples are already sliced so they are any easy option to send along for school lunches.

For more information on Crunch Pak, FOODLES and where to buy be sure to visit

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