The Best Big Brother Ever!

I will admit that when I first found out I was pregnant besides being totally shocked, I was a little scared of how Genghis would handle it.  He is almost 5 years old and that is a long time to be an only child.  I was not sure how he would do with not only having to share mommy, but having to share me with a newborn who was going to take up so much of my time.  

Not even 2 weeks into this and I realized that I had nothing to be scared of.  Genghis really is the best big brother in the whole world.  I have tried really hard to make sure that his special routines stayed the same.  That bedtime was still just us cuddling in bed, reading stories and talking for a few minutes about the day.  But Genghis wants nothing to do with it.  He constantly requests that his sister join us for a story and cuddles at bedtime.  He is very understanding that I can’t always jump up and get things for him and he loves nothing more than to help with everything.  I think the highlight of his week was getting to watch her get her first bath.  

It makes me feel as though I am doing something right to have such a sweet, caring and understanding little man.  And I know that the little lady is so lucky to have the best big brother ever! 

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