The H Bomb

It was bound to happen sooner or later. It is almost a rite of passage if you will. I have said it, you have said it, our parents, teachers, friends, and family have said it.

But nothing prepares you for the day your child drops the H bomb.

Genghis was having a particularly bad day. He was arguing with everything I said and talking back non stop. Tom sent him to stand in the corner for time out. At which point he got major attitude. Rolling his eyes, hands on his hips, stomping his feet. And then he said it.

‘Daddy, I hate you.’

I sat there with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe he said it. It hurt my heart so much I actually cried.

Daddy handled it with flying colors. He simply said, ‘That’s OK if you hate me. I love you no matter what.’

We spent all day today talking about how hurtful words can be. How it is OK to be mad at Mommy and Daddy and you can say you are mad. But that saying you hate someone is very, very mean and should never be said.

When did my sweet boy get replaced with a 13 year old with attitude?

Man, I need to call my parents and apologize!

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