Trash Watch 2011. Day 8!

Welcome to day 8 of Trash Watch 2011. If you missed the first post, the idea is simple. I started to wonder how long a piece of paper would sit that my husband left on the end table if I didn’t pick it up and throw it away.

8 days later and it still sits there. I’m dying to throw it away!

Somehow it ended up on top of an envelope.

The rules are rather simple. My husband does not read my blog so he will not know that I am doing this. At no time am I allowed to pick up and throw away said receipt. I will be allowed to move it to dust, clean, vacuum, whatever I may need to do. However the receipt will then be put back where I found it. It is a simple test to see how long one small piece of trash will remain where he left it, if I didn’t pick up after him.

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