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Volunteer Appreciation Contest — Yellow Tennessee

Volunteer Appreciation Contest

I think we all know someone who always seems to go above and beyond with everything they do.  Nine times out of ten these people are volunteers and not only do they not get paid for what they do but they also do it without any recognition. 

Carolina Pad is teaming up with Volunteer Spot for National Volunteer week to make sure that these people get some recognition for all they do.  
VolunteerSpot is a FREE online resource for volunteers to organize events, a soccer season, church fundraiser and many, many more other volunteer events. VolunteerSpot’s FREE online signup sheets make it easy for anyone to schedule and coordinate parent volunteers  — say goodbye to reply all email and clipboard sign up sheets this spring!

When I was first approached about this campaign I knew exactly who I would write about.  Growing up as the daughter of a pastor I have seen first hand all different kinds of people who come and go through churches.  Some of these experiences are great and some are not.  

As long as I can remember Carolyn was a constant and loyal member of my parent’s church.  With any group of people there will be conflict and disagreements.  Carolyn always remained loyal to my parents and the church.  She would give of her time to help out in anyway she could.  If there was a dinner she would be the first one there to set up and the last one to leave because she was cleaning up.  

Carolyn has always loved children.  Her heart has always been to work with them, teaching them and playing with them.  She had never been paid for her time but always gave everything she had.  Sunday after Sunday she would miss the main service to spend it teaching the children.  She was always there for cleaning days and special events doing anything she could to help out.  

I’m sure there have been plenty of times that she was not thanked for all she did, and yet she still did it.  She would help out because she wanted to, not because she was looking for any glory.  

My husband and I have talked in the past about what an awesome church member Carolyn was.  She really is the ideal volunteer and I know I have never told her what an impact she has made on my life. 

So Carolyn, for all you have done, I thank you.  You really have been an incredible role model and someone I have always looked up to as much as my own mother.  And while I know that this blog post is not thanks enough for all the time you have given, I hope you still know it is meant from the heart.  

Do you know a volunteer that goes above and beyond?  It could be a Scout Leader, a room mom, a church member, or anyone who gives of themselves while seeking nothing in return.  Then take a minute and nominate your volunteer.  You will be entered to win a Carolina Pad gift certificate for you and your volunteer as well as 20 notebooks for the organization.  This contest runs from now through April 1st with one winner being announced everyday from April 11th to the 15th. 

Disclaimer/Disclosure:  I will receive product from Carolina Pad for both myself and the volunteer I wrote about in exchange for this post.  No other compensation was given.    All opinions and views stated are my own.  Special thanks to Carolina Pad and Volunteer Spot for this contest.  
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