We Need a New Grill

See that cute little thing? That is our grill. Great for taking camping, great for days at the lake, great for tailgating (you know, if we did in fact go tailgating). Great for normal use at home? Not so much. It works fine, don’t get me wrong. But it is tiny. Living in the south our grilling season starts in March and goes until October. We get a lot of use out of our grill. But this thing won’t even cook everything we usually grill. 3 pork steaks, that is the max. No potatoes, no garlic bread, no veggies.

Our last grill bit the dust after 4 years. It was sad. We had a funeral at the scrap yard. But we just have not gotten around to replacing it. And so I have made it my goal to do some shopping around and find us a new grill.

I have always heard amazing things about Weber grills. My brother in law has one that is going on 10 years old. It still looks amazing. And lets be honest, 10 years is a great track record for something that sits outside all the time.

So I’m going to do some looking at Weber genesis grills. I realize that types of grills are a matter of preference and we love propane grills. You don’t have to mess with charcoal and it is so much easier to keep the temperature consistent.

Oh, I am in love with the Genesis e310. Look at that. Plenty of room for everything you want to grill. I love that the controls are on the side and not the front, out of the way of little hands who like to turn knobs. The propane tank is hidden out of site. And it is green. I mean, who wants a grill that looks like other one out there?

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