Murphy’s Law

I remember when we first moved here. Of course we had the usual moving expense. A moving truck, meals out while I didn’t have a kitchen as well as somewhere to stay for a few days. Finally we were settled in and ready to get back to our normal lives.

Then the hot water heater went out. Well you have to have hot water so off we went to get a new one. After fighting with it for a bit my husband got it installed and we were ready to go.

The very next day my washing machine died. Granted it was close to 17 years old but without any warning it stopped.

A few phone calls and I had a new washer set up to be delivered the next day.

If you have ever had things like this happen to you, you know the worst thing you can do is say what else can possibly go wrong. Don’t ever say that!

We said it.

2 days after the water heater went out my husband was on his way home from work. The truck overheated. It needed a new water pump. 2 days in the shop plus the price of a rental so he could still get back and forth to work and all was back to normal.

Thankfully we had enough money to have everything replaced and fixed. But this does not always happen. Sometimes you find yourself in a place where there just isn’t enough money. When that happens quick loans can help.

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