What Is It With Celebrities And Their Sex Toys?

Sex toys are very popular all over the world. They provide enhanced pleasure and enjoyment for normal every day people in love. Many people do not know that sex toys are also extremely popular within the celebrity circuit. Photographers have spotted many celebrities purchasing devices whereas other public figures openly admitted to benefiting from frequent use of various products from vibrators to dildos and all the rest. When one must travel to and from movie shoots to concerts to press conferences on a daily basis, the time for lengthy love sessions decreases significantly so it’s understandable, I guess. Sex toys provide some celebrities with an abbreviated solution to much needed romance and excitement.

So Which Celebrities Do We Know Use Sex Toys?

Comedian and actress Rosanne Barr was proud to admit that she used a vibrator frequently. Mrs. Barr enjoys using the Hitachi massager. She gave Hitachi glowing compliments for producing such wonderful vibrators. She also joked about possibly buying one of their televisions in the future.

Model and media personality Myleene Klass has admitted to purchasing a vibrator for her friend as a present. The friend also bought her a vibrator. The two arranged to exchange these naughty gifts with each other so that no one would know they were buying them for themselves. It was a very clever idea, but the public admission may have defeated the purpose.

Pop singer Geri Halliwell is an avid vibrator fan. She particularly enjoys using “the rabbit” and she often sends these to her friends. She claims that the rabbits are great for “relaxation,” but they lack the arms and the overall feel of having a man around.

Finally, there’s Missy Elliott who not only sings about sex toys, but openly admits to owning and enjoying them and mega star Madonna who was photographed with a sex toy in a shopping bag as she leaves a gig or hotel with then hubby, Guy Ritchie.

I’m pretty sure we could carry on adding big names to this list and if you want to check any of these ones out, go ahead and Google it!

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