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Christmas Ornament Keepsakes for your Children — Yellow Tennessee

Christmas Ornament Keepsakes for your Children

I love Christmas and decorating the tree. My thing is ornaments. Every time we go somewhere I get an ornament. I have 2 from Disney World, 1 from Sea World, and lots of others that are just as special for some reason or another. My goal is to eventually have a tree full of ornaments in which no two are alike.

My children may or may not inherit my love of Christmas ornaments but I have come up with a way to at least highlight every Christmas since they were born.

Every year we go and pick out a new ornament for the kids. As they get older they even help in picking out their ornament for that year. I have one from every Christmas since Genghis was born and 2 for the two Christmas’ that Miss Stalin has experienced.

Genghis’ ornament for this year.

Besides being able to enjoy the ornaments every year, when they grow up and get married we have a plan. Their first Christmas as a married couple we will buy them a tree and give them all their ornaments from their childhood for a gift.

Miss Stalin’s ornament this year.

Even if they don’t grow to love ornaments as much as I do they will end up with a tree full of special ornaments that were picked out just for them. It is a easy and affordable way to give them a great gift from their childhood when they are adults.

Do you do any keepsakes for your children?

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