Christmas Tried to Kill My Child

We decorated for Christmas a little early this year. Before Thanksgiving the tree was up. Having a toddler and a Christmas tree is a challenge to say the least. For the first couple of days she would only look at the tree but not touch it. That of course changed. Her favorite thing was to pull the ornaments off and play with them.

Christmas Lights

Behind the couch is a window. We hung a strand of lights around the window and all of our stockings. It looked cute.

Monday night Genghis and Miss Stalin were sitting on the couch watching TV while I was in the kitchen making dinner. All of sudden Miss Stalin starting screaming. You know the I am hurt scream.

I ran over picked her up, checked her out and hugged her. I asked Genghis what happened. Nothing happened Mommy. She was just right here and starting screaming.

Then I noticed the strand of lights behind her. It had 2 missing bulbs. You have got to be kidding me!

I searched the couch, behind it, under it, in it. No sign of the lights. Upon further inspection I found that the actual fuses of the lights were still attached but the glass from the bulb was missing. She actually bit off the glass from the lights and swallowed it.

In the car and to the ER we went.

An x-ray showed 4 pieces of glass in her stomach and just like that we were admitted. Thankfully I did find out that this is not that uncommon.

Whew! I was worried my child was weird because she ate Christmas lights.

The glass.

While they were plugged in!

Miss Stalin IV

Another x-ray the following morning showed that the glass had moved through her system and we no longer had to worry about the glass puncturing anything.

We are home now and honestly the worst part of the whole ordeal was having to help hold down Miss Stalin so they could put an IV in.

We are still waiting for the glass to makes its appearance. In the meantime I have taken down all Christmas lights from around the window and off the trees. We can try again next year.

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