Coupon Chief, Saving is Giving.

These days you will be hard pressed to find anyone that does not use coupons. With just a little looking, you can find a coupon for whatever you need.

But what if there was a better way to use coupons?

Coupon Chief is changing the way you use coupons.

How are they doing this?

I am glad you asked.

First off Coupon Chief has thousands of coupons available. Just sign up for an account and then you have access to all the coupons. You can search by store, like Walmart. Or you can search by popular categories like Back to School or Baby.

All of the available and current Coupon Chief coupon codes will then show up in an easy to read list. Pick the one you want, shop the site and apply the code. Easy as pie.

But they don’t stop there. Coupon Chief also offers you a way to make money by sharing coupons. Their Pays-2-Share program allows users to submit coupon codes. When the code is used, you receive 2% of the total sale.

And my favorite feature is the Coupons-4-Causes. Select your favorite cause by name or location, shop at your favorite sites using your coupon codes, and they will donate 20% of your purchase to the cause you selected. How cool is that?

By allowing users to share coupon codes and even donate to your favorite causes, Coupon Chief ensures that you will always find the best codes in one place. And they prove that saving really is giving!

Do you use online coupons when you shop?

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