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Crafting FAIL — Yellow Tennessee

Crafting FAIL

I have owned a sewing machine for as long as I can remember. I am pretty good at really basic stitching. I can fix the Velcro tabs on cloth diapers. I can repair a tear in a curtain. I can… Well that is about the extent of my sewing know how.

Which is funny because I can quilt. But I do all of my quilting by hand. I can hand sew a straight stitch better than I can do one with my machine. It is all about what you do most.

Undaunted by my lack of sewing abilities and coupled with the fact that my children are growing like weeds and their pajamas resemble carpi pants. I took it upon myself to sew them some pajama pants without a pattern. How hard can it be?

Truthfully, it is not that hard. I just cut around the shape of a pair of his existing bottoms and left some extra for the seams.

But when I was cutting, I did not leave any extra material at the waist. If you have ever made any clothing you know that once I added the elastic, the pants became way too small.

Somehow we managed to squeeze them on Genghis just because he was so excited. It took no less than 5 minutes to work them up over his little bottom.

I couldn’t stop laughing. He couldn’t stop laughing. I told him they were too tight and I would get some more fabric and make him some that would fit.

Genghis informed me that they were not too tight, they were snugly. Then he bent down to touch his legs. When he did, the crotch ripped out. This of course caused even more laughs.

I ended up having to cut them off of him.

But it was a learning experience. I learned to allow plenty of fabric for the waist and that other than that little mishap, I can actually make a pair of pajama pants.

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