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Dannon The Path to Play and Why We Love Recess Contest #Sweeps — Yellow Tennessee

Dannon The Path to Play and Why We Love Recess Contest #Sweeps

I have worked with Dannon in the past on their Rally to Recess campaign. This is one area that is very important to me. Many schools in an effort to save money have cut recess time out from our children’s days. And even though we home school, I still understand the importance of recess. After 2 subjects Genghis gets a 30 minute break of unstructured play time. This allows him to work off some energy and also encourages exercise.

Now Dannon has come up with a great Path to Play contest #sweeps. This easy to enter contest encourages you to get active with your kids. And you can be rewarded by winning gift cards good for children’s toys.

The weather around here has not really been cooperating for lots of getting outside and playing but that doesn’t stop us from having some fun. We can still have a great time indoors.

One of our favorite things to do is to have a dance party. So we used the Party Time challenge and had a great time. Miss Stalin really gets into dancing and she was the life of this party. We had a play date with some friends and had a great time dancing.

Then the party continued at home.

Now if it ever stops raining we will be having our egg and spoon race. What do you do to keep your kids moving?

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