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DIY Footprint Butterflies — Yellow Tennessee

DIY Footprint Butterflies

It is no big secret that I love Pinterest. I find so many great ideas and lots of inspiration there. So a few weeks ago I came across a picture of Footprint Butterflies. Unfortunately it was just a picture with no how to. But after looking at it, I realized it wasn’t that hard.

What you need:

Canvas (I used two 8×10’s)
Paint (I used acrylic)
Paint brush.
Plate or cardboard.

For the first one, I actually painted the bottom of her feet with different colored paint. This worked well as you can see but it was a little difficult to hold her foot still, paint it, and then press it on the canvas.

You want to put the footprints the wrong way so that the big toes are on the outside of the wings. Use the left foot on the right side of the canvas and the right foot on the left side. Leave just a little space between the feet for the body of the butterfly.

For the second butterfly I put the different colors of paint right next to each other on a plate. Then I simply dipped her foot into the paint and then stuck it on the canvas. I liked the way this one turned out a little better. The colors were thicker and blended well and it was just easier to do.

After the wings are made, use any color paint to make the body. I also used her big toe to make the tops of each antenna.

I love the way these turned out and they look very cute in her room.

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