Do you believe in the Fairy Hobmother?

I do not believe in fairies. At least not the Tinker Bell type. In fact if you had asked me yesterday if I thought any sort of fairies existed. I would have told you no.

Then I got an email from someone who calls himself the Fairy Hobmother. His sole purpose is to visit unsuspecting bloggers and spread some fairy love in the form of Amazon gift cards.

All I really know is the Fairy Hobmother works for the Fairy Overlords at Appliances Online. I am not sure if these overlords know about his fairy moonlighting. But I won’t tell.

I did have to tell you though. Because the best part is the way the Fairy Hobmother finds his next blogger is by looking at the comments on blogs.

So close your eyes, make a wish, and leave me a comment on this post. And if you really do believe then the Fairy Hobmother may pay you a visit really soon!

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