Farm Rich, Spice up your Party. #Sweepstakes

No matter what the occasion is everyone likes a good party. From birthdays, to graduations, weddings, and even just a normal get together, we all love spending time with family and friends. We have entered prime party time of the year.

Farm Rich is here to help make your next party a little more spicy. With the delicious new Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites, you can turn any party into a fun, lasting memory. Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites are not too hot, not too cool, but just right. These little guys are creamy white, queso-filled, breaded, bite-sized happiness, packin’ just the right amount of heat to perfectly spice up any occasion. They come out of the oven or fryer in just minutes, crisp and toasty on the outside, meltingly tender on the inside, and ready to serve for an after-school snack, party appetizer, or just anytime hunger calls.

Over the years, I have learned there are little things you can do to always make sure your party is a success. Besides serving Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites, these things will spice up your party.

1. Plan a theme. Throwing together a party can tend to make it drag and have no real flow. Picking a theme lets guests know what they are in for.

2. Plan ahead. Giving yourself plenty of time to plan everything out will save you from last minute stress and will also ensure your party does not look thrown together.

3. Pick your menu. Consider food and drinks that tie in with your theme. And don’t forget, Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites will help spice up your party! The huge bonus is adding some frozen options to your menu means less prep time for you.

4. Pick a location. Consider moving your party outdoors. This allows for plenty of room, a way to enjoy the weather, and makes for easy clean-up.

5. Invite early. Make sure to give people plenty of notice. Schedules are busy and often filled up weeks in advance.

Queso Cheese Bites are a good source of calcium, and each portion contains just 180 calories and 0 grams trans fat per serving. Farm Rich products are available nationally at Walmart and other local grocers. They retail for $6.99 a bag and the Queso Cheese Bites contain 53 to 56 pieces. The newest member of the Farm Rich family joins popular favorites such as, Cheese Sticks, Mini Pizza Slices, Mozzarella Bites, Stuffed Pretzel Bites, Meatballs and more. For information on products and availability be sure to visit


Now between March 19 and May 4,2012 you can play Pesos 4 Quesos for a chance to win a $3,500 “Fiesta Grande” from Farm Rich. Visit the Farm Rich Facebook page and click on Pesos 4 Quesos to play. You can register to win a weekly $200 gift cards plus the chance to take home the $3,500 grand prize—worth over 44,000 pesos!

By reaching certain game levels, players can also earn coupons to try the new Queso Cheese Bites. The grand-prize winner will be announced on May 5. Fans can also visit to watch a special Pesos 4 Quesos video message from Farm Rich.

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