Feed 2012 Orphans in 2012!

Did you know that every 2 seconds a child becomes an orphan? And every 90 seconds an orphan dies from starvation or malnutrition?

This is the reality for far too many children not only in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia but also in the United States.

I have recently come across 2012 in 2012. Actor Stephen Baldwin, Fox News Commentator Kevin McCullough, and America’s Favorite Millionaire Dani Johnson are just some of the personalities using their talk-radio platforms to help feed 2012 Orphans in 2012.

For only $92 you can feed an orphan for an entire year. That is just $.25 a day. Can you imagine being able to feed yourself for only $.25 a day?

FOOD FOR ORPHANS has commissioned (with the help of multiple American major food suppliers) a specialty diet of proteins, carbs, and powerful nutritional supplements that orphans need for their unique malnourished state. This diet containing rice, soy, bean, chicken and other ingredients is not only something that the children love, but that delivers them 17 special vitamins and nutrients they are in desperate need of.

I am not posting this to beg for money from you all. This is a cause that my husband and I believe in. I am simply trying to help spread the word.

If you decide to get involved, now is a perfect time. King’s Ransom Foundation is combining efforts with “2012 in 2012″ to help feed orphans around the world, by matching every dollar given so for every orphan YOU feed now, King’s Ransom Foundation will feed another!

Please take a minute and check out 2012 in 2012 and consider getting involved.

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