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Google Authorship for Self Hosted Word Press Blogs. How To! — Yellow Tennessee

Google Authorship for Self Hosted Word Press Blogs. How To!

Google has come out with another way to rank us in searches. AuthorRank. This has many bloggers scrambling and trying to figure out what they need to do in order to rank in searches in the future.

I have spent the past several days setting up Authorship on more blogs than I can keep track of. It is an easy fix and if you can’t find someone to do it for you, or you are like me and want to know how to do these on your own, then this post is for you.

There are countless articles explaining exactly what Google Authorship is and this post is going to cover how to set up your self hosted WordPress blog so that when the new ranking system comes along, you are ready to go. I have seen several posts explaining how to do this and while they are good posts and are clear to follow, they are missing some of the most important steps.

First up you are going to need a Google+ profile. If for any reason you do not have one then go and create one now. Make sure your Google+ profile name is your full name and not the name of your blog.

Once you are logged into Google+ go to your profile page.

Click on the Edit Profile button. This is a good time to change your name on Google+ if you need to. Just click on your name and change it to your full name if need be.

Scroll down just a little until you get to the Contributor section. When you enter your website make sure you enter it exactly as it appears on your site. If you have the www. in your address then be sure to enter the www. here.
Enter the name of your blog as well as the URL of your blog and click save.

Keep your Google+ profile page open and in a new tab log into the dashboard of your blog.

Go to Users and find the username you use to post on your blog. Just under you username hit the edit button.

Scroll down and find the About Yourself section and locate the Biographical Info box.

In this box you will have to enter a little bio about yourself. Write it in the 3rd person and make sure to start it off with your full name as shown on Google+.

Once you have your bio written you will need to link your full name to your Google+ profile with an author tag.

Use this code to link to your Google+ page.

Scroll down just a little bit more and make sure you check the box that says Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts. Unfortunately there is not a way to do this without creating an author box. If I find a way in the future that allows you to link as an author without the author box I will update this post.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and save the changes you made.

Almost done!

Next you will have to apply for Google Authorship. This last step is very important and without it, you will never get this set up. To apply just enter your email address that is on the same domain as your blog. You cannot use hotmail, gmail, yahoo, or any other email services. *If you have never set up and email for your domain you can do this in your cPanel or by contacting your host and asking them to help. After you enter your email address, scroll down and hit the Sign Up For Authorship button.

Google will then send an email to your account with an link asking your to verify authorship. Hit the link to confirm.

You can then head over to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to test and make sure it worked.

Enter a URL of any blog post that your wrote and hit Preview.

Scroll down and under Author it will give you a spot to enter your Google+ profile.

Enter your profile URL making sure not to use any / or other words in the URL. Then hit Verify Authorship.

If you did everything correctly, then your info will show up in the Author box and the button will turn green.

Congratulations you are now a verified Google Author.

Stay tuned for how to sign up for Authorship on Blogger.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please just ask.

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