Have you gotten an email about me and my blog?

It has recently been brought to my attention that different people who have left comments on my blog are receiving emails from someone asking if they know who I am and telling them that they want to do some ‘homework’ about me.

I have been having trouble for almost a full year with an individual trying to leave nasty comments on my blog, on my blog’s Facebook page, as well as in different emails to me personally.

Up until now I have just ignored them all as it only effected me. Now that my readers are being targeted, I have decided to take action.

If you have received an email from anyone about my blog or about me in the last day or two, could you please forward the email to me at YellowTennessee@yahoo.com

Your name will not be used nor will you be dragged into any mess. However, I am trying to cover all my bases should I decide to take legal action.

For anyone who has been contacted, I am very sorry. Never at anytime have I given out any email addresses nor has anyone ever had access to my blog to view these email addresses. The emails that were sent were done by following the URL linked to your name and then taken off your own blog or page that you linked to.

I take your privacy very seriously and I want to make sure that this behavior stops.

If anyone has any questions about what is going on or is interested in any more details, please feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you!

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