HearthSong Easter Bunny Gift Basket Review with Giveaway

No matter the holiday, we celebrate it by making sure that our children know the real reason behind it. Easter is one of my favorite holiday’s. But no matter what we teach our children about holidays, we also love to see their faces light up when they get the little treats and gifts that go along with it.

With Easter just around the corner, I was on the lookout for a basket and some goodies for both the kids. HearthSong had just what I was looking for.

Since its beginning in 1983, HearthSong has been committed to helping parents follow their instincts to provide their children with age-appropriate, wholesome, quality playthings. That’s because at HearthSong, we believe childhood is a vital chapter in life-a special time when children can be occupied with the joy of being children. And, equally importantly, a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life’s first lessons through play.

The name HearthSong was chosen to reflect core family values – the Hearth, a traditional symbol for the center of the home, and Song, a symbol of family spirit and of a special playfulness that parents and children enjoy together.

Over the next 25 years, HearthSong evolved into a nationally known and respected source for quality children’s toys, games and crafts. Parents who found unique toys for their children decades ago tell us they’re now thrilled to be finding the same kinds of educational, entertaining toys to give to their children’s children.

Our selection of products has grown and expanded too. But we can still guarantee that each item is carefully selected for its quality, safety, and relevance to your child’s development – and we are steadfast in our commitment to provide you with Toys You’ll Feel Good About Giving®.

For the purpose of this review I received a Easter Bunny Gift Basket. This came with an charming, classic Easter basket, a blinking bunny ring, a wind-up Easter egg, reusable paper grass, an adorable, fuzzy stuffed bunny, a rubber egg and a bag of chocolate eggs. It is perfect to give as is or to use as a great starter basket and add a few finishing touches to it yourself. Everything in the basket is high quality and something that I feel comfortable with giving to my children.

One thing I love about HearthSong is the amazing selection of Easter items. They carry everything from Easter Egg Hunt Kits to Nyokki-Egg Plant Pets, to Deluxe Egg Decorating Kits.

But even beyond Easter, HeartSong features gifts for Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Exploration and Discovery and so much more.

I know I have found my first stop for any toys and kits for my children. And HearthSong is giving you a chance to win your very own Easter Bunny Gift Basket. Just use the form below to enter.

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