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How Do You Unwind? — Yellow Tennessee

How Do You Unwind?

Short of running away to the beach for a week, our lives are structured in such a way that it is near impossible to just sit and relax. I am the perfect example. Between 2 kids, homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and all the other normal day to day tasks, I have very little time to just sit and relax or do something simply because I enjoy it. Now for instance, both kids are in bed happily sleeping and I am up writing this post. I figure I can sleep when I am dead.

But at times I need to do something entertaining. Something fun. Something that isn’t a responsibility. I think everyone needs some time that is just theirs. You have nothing you have to do. No lists to check off. Just fun, relaxing, I am not mommy, time.

So how do you fit that into a day? That has always been the challenge. I am slowly learning that while their may be dishes that need to be done, laundry that needs to be washed, or dried, or folded, floors that need to be cleaned, posts that need to be written. Those things are always going to be there.

I can take some time just for me to unwind or I can focus on everything that has to be done. And the things that have to be done just keep piling up, it never ends. So I let them be. I take a little time for me and unwind.

A bubble bath while dreaming of laying in the hot sun on the beach is a great way to relax. Reading a book or even playing some games online can also be a great way to unwind.

How do you unwind?

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