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I am a Woman of Wow, Slim Fast Ambassador — Yellow Tennessee

I am a Woman of Wow, Slim Fast Ambassador

I have been dying for the last month to tell you about my latest endeavor. I am a Woman of Wow for Slim Fast.

So what exactly does being a Woman of Wow mean? I have joined with Slim Fast and taken the vow to Wow pledge to help jump start my weight loss. I have vowed to look and feel my best for my 2012 Wow moment.

Over the next 4 months I will share my experiences with Slim Fast as well as behind the scene photos, videos and insights.

My goal is to go down 2 pants sizes. Like most people, my husband and I had decided to change our eating habits and take better care of ourselves. I do not own a scale and I have no intentions of buying one. I have always been one who will not stress over the number on the scale. Instead I focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit.

Slim Fast is helping me out by giving me all the tools I need to complete their 3-2-1 plan.

Be sure to check out the Women of Wow tab on Facebook and follow along as I go from now to Wow!

I am an Ambassador in the Slim-Fast® Women of Wow Program. Visit www.facebook.com/slimfast to join the conversation.

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