Make a Slam Dunk!

I love having a little boy. They are full of so much energy. Lovers of dirt and bugs and anything with wheels. At almost 6 years old Genghis is non stop moving. He is always on the go and loves to run and play.

As he has gotten a little older, I have enjoyed seeing him show an interest in and excel at playing sports. Everything from football, to baseball and his favorite basketball. The day he learned how to dribble a ball was one of the best days in his life.

He has long since graduated from the little plastic basketball hoops and we are now thinking for his birthday we may surprise him with a real basketball hoop.

While he is still not tall enough for a traditional hoop, great advances have been made in basketball hoops. You can get a traditional hoop, a roof mounted hoop or my favorite an in ground adjustable hoop.

A basketball hoop that will grow with him, seems like the perfect gift to me. Are your little ones into basketball? Do you have a basketball hoop for them?

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