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Personalize Your Halloween with Just Jen — Yellow Tennessee

Personalize Your Halloween with Just Jen

I am not only a big fan of Halloween, I am a big fan of fall. This is my favorite season on the year. The colors are beautiful, the weather is perfect, and there is a daily chance to wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt. I now have a new favorite t-shirt thanks to Just Jen.

About Just Jen
Just Jen offers pre-designed and custom rhinestone studded t-shirts, hoodies, lingerie and more. They offer a complete line of clothing for women, girls and toddlers. You can find rhinestone fashions for many occasions including bridal, holidays, birthdays, and more. There are countless designs available or you can customize your clothes to fit your style and your needs.

Just in time for Halloween Just Jen has a great selection of Halloween themed rhinestone t-shirts. I was so excited to give one a try and I the hardest part of the entire process was picking only one.

In the end I decided on the adorable candy corn t-shirt in black. I wanted something that I could wear during the entire fall season. The rhinestones on this shirt are adorable. The yellow, orange, and white really stand out against the black t-shirt. And it is oh so very comfortable.

I have already wore this shirt a couple of times and I have received quite a few compliments on it. And the quality of it is great. The shirt didn’t shrink at all when it was washed and between washing and little fingers pulling at the rhinestones every single one of them is still intact.

The fitted t’s are known to run a little small so as recommended I did go one size up. It is comfortable, fits perfectly and as you can see it is adorable!

I can’t wait to order a custom rhinestone t-shirt next featuring my blog name on it. And you can be sure I will be ordering from Just Jen!

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