Pickwick Landing State Park

Located just 100 miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee and just 30 minutes from Northern Mississippi, Pickwick Landing State Park is a perfect spot to get away from it all.

They have everything from boating, swimming, picnic pavilions, camping, golf course, and even a restaurant, Inn, and Cabins.

We love to head over to the public beach for a day out.

The swimming area is roped off to keep the boats separate from the swimmers. It goes from ankle deep to about 10 feet deep at the outer ropes.

My favorite part of the beach is the actual beach area. The kids love playing in the sand, building sand castles and exploring.

Besides the beach, there are plenty of grassy spots with picnic tables and bbq grills. After swimming and playing for the afternoon we usually find a spot and make a lunch of hot dogs. And of course all the grass allows plenty of spots for the kids to run and play.

If you are looking for a spot to stay a little longer then be sure to check out the camp sites. We love going up for a long weekend and spending it all outside. There is nothing better than sleeping under the stars and being unplugged for a few days.

The camp sites feature water access as well as the most incredible view. And for only $10 a night, it is very affordable.

If camping is not your thing be sure to check out the Inn or even the cabins.

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