Playdate Planet, makes scheduling Playdates childs play. With #Giveaway!

Genghis is at the age where he loves having friends over to play. The more the merrier. And to be honest, I like when he has his friends over. They are typically happy to run around outside and play, burning off all that excess energy that all 5 year old boys seem to have.

What I hate about playdates is trying to schedule them. If I am only dealing with one other child, it is a piece of cake. Throw in 2 kids or more and it can get tricky. Trying to coordinate with the other moms and working around different schedules makes me want to not plan them in the first place.

So I am sure you can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned of Playdate Planet. The concept is pretty simple, get your friends to join and then you can schedule playdates for any number or children sending an invitation to anyone you chose.

Once I registered for Playdate Planet, I was able to update my profile to include my children as well as any allergies or medical conditions they may have. From there, I simply scheduled the playdate.

Using Facebook connect I was able to invite my mom friends to join Playdate Planet with me and once they registered, I was able to invite them to the playdate.

The one thing I love most about Playdate Planet is you are not limited to a traditional playdate. You can specify any time frame you want for any occasion, even selecting overnight playdates. By being able to add any allergies and medical conditions, you can make sure no matter where your child goes for a playdate, the other moms are aware of these potential problems.

Be sure to follow Playdate Planet on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on all they have to offer.

Playdate Planet is offering an amazing giveaway of two $50 Amazon gift cards. Use the Rafflecopter form to enter!

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