Slim Fast Summer Slim Down Challenge! #SFSlimDown

You may remember back in January I was selected to participate in the Slim Fast Women of Wow campaign. Then I got pregnant. And dieting and pregnancy just do not mix.

After some life changing events, I am no longer pregnant, no longer able to get pregnant and I am more than ready to get back into shape.

Then I got the Slim Fast Summer Slim Down Challenge.

Two months of using the Slim Fast 3, 2, 1 Plan to get myself into swimsuit shape.

I started this one week ago and I have already noticed a difference. And the second time around is easier. I remember last time I spent the first two weeks always hungry. I was starving all the time! This time there was no major adjustment. I already feel full and satisfied.

And best of all with the great flavors like chocolate and cappuccino shakes and the chocolate mint snack bars, I feel like I am actually getting away with something rather than dieting.

Over the next two months I am going to talk about my experience with Slim Fast and prepare for my Summer Slim Down.

And stay tuned next week for a weight update and a great giveaway from Slim Fast so you can join me in the Summer Slim Down.

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