Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Kleenex Hand Towels. #CGC #CleanHands #spon

My guest bathroom is tiny. Whenever my parents come to visit I always feel so bad for putting them in this little bathroom. But my biggest complaint has been lack of storage space and the ugly, ugly counter.

This was my guest bathroom counter. Yes, it is pink and mauve and ugly!

So I set out to change it. I wanted it to look good for when family comes to visit and stay. I am also dying to see if anyone would notice the change. This is my new counter. I love it. It is so pretty.

Now even though I love my counter top and don’t cringe whenever I walk into the bathroom, that has not done anything for the total lack of storage. Between extra towels, hand towels, wash cloths, toilet paper and other items that are always kept in the bathroom, the area under the sink was a horrible mess.

Until Kleenex Hand Towels.

Now instead of worrying about a place to keep hand towels and not to mention all the laundry needed to keep them clean, I just put a box of the Kleenex Hand Towels in the bathroom and give my cloth towels a break.

These are single use towels, that you just toss after use. Beside eliminating the need for more storage space or another towel hanging in the bathroom, these hand towels also stop the spread of germs.

So now when my parents get her for their visit, I don’t have to worry about washing towels. I don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick. And I no longer have to hate the counter top.

Best of all. I have a pretty new guest bathroom that I cannot wait to surprise them with. Thanks Kleenex Hand Towels.

What do you do to get your guest bathroom ready for company?

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