The Best Shoes I Have Ever Owned.

I love shoes. When I got married 8 years ago I had over 30 pairs. And I wore them all.

Then I got pregnant and my feet grew.

I kept about half of those shoes. Determined to squeeze my feet into them.

Then I got pregnant again. And my feet grew again.

And that 30 pair shoe collection was down to nothing but flip flops and one pair of running shoes.

Can you say boring?

Last year I was introduced to Jambu shoes and I was in love. Not only were they adorable but they were comfortable. And since my days are filled with chasing kids around, I need comfortable.

Inspired by the beauty and mystique of the rainforest, Jambu™ Footwear is designed to guide you in style and comfort on your next personal journey – at home or across the globe. Let Jambu™ join you as you zip line through the rainforest, stroll the beach, navigate the city, or travel the world. Be you with Jambu™.

Jambu shoes all feature an out-sole made from partially recycled and re-usable compressed rubber. And all their packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable. That alone is enough to make me love this company.

They even feature a Vegan shoe line.

But they don’t stop there. Each shoe features little touches that make them stand out from any other shoe. Each sole has a unique design that leaves the cutest prints behind. They add color, design and stitching touches that make them the cutest shoes around.

For this review, I tried the All Terra Ocean shoes. Adorable.

The Ocean is a sandal like shoe. It has a cut out design in the toe, allowing your feet to breathe. The strap allows for more stability than a flip flop. It is made out of nubuck, satin, and vintage leather. And being from Jambu it features the compressed rubber sole and a Memory Foam foot bed.

Besides being comfortable. They are so cute. The strap features a small flower design. Add that to the cutout at the toes and I have had more compliments on these shoes than any other shoe I own.

The best part? At the end of the day, I am still ready to go. My feet are cushioned, supported and comfortable all day long.

With summer upon us, why not treat your feet and give Jambu a try!

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