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The Heart of any House, The Kitchen — Yellow Tennessee

The Heart of any House, The Kitchen

I don’t know about you but the most used room in our home is the kitchen. I spend most of my time in there. From homeschooling lessons at the kitchen table to family dinners and of course cooking. I believe the kitchen is the heart and soul of any house.

In my short time I have been a home owner there are several things I have learned about the kitchen.

If the dishwasher is broke, it means mama is out of money.

Dishes when clean are always scarce and you can never have enough.

Dishes when dirty seem to multiply like rabbits and you have more than you want.

A messy kitchen is a used kitchen.

And kids will eat more of whatever you put in front of them if they can help cook.

We all know kids make messes. But on the days I can put aside my need for order and cleanliness I enjoy having Genghis in the kitchen with me. Sure there ends up being flour on the ceiling and eggs shells in whatever we are making. But this time together is invaluable. We can laugh, talk about our day, and spend some one on one time together.

Best of all, I am teaching him healthy cooking habits that will carry on for the rest of his life.

My kitchen may not be magazine worthy and I often find myself looking at appliances online. But I know when my children grow up, they won’t remember how the kitchen looked. They will remember all the good times we shared in it.

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