Tired of Your Cell Phone Provider? It is Time to say #HelloBetter

I admit that I am fairly new to the world of cell phones. As a stay at home mom without a car, there just was never a need for one. Then I got a car and needed a cell phone. We added a line to my husbands existing plan.

It is amazing how you can have two phones on one plan and still have such different results. He has rarely had an issue with the service. Me on the other hand, I have had nothing but problems. I cannot count the amount of times I have had to call into customer support.

But lets be honest. Early contract elimination fees are not cheap.

Changing providers is no guarantee that you will get any better service.

Or is it?

* A study conducted by U.S. Cellular indicates that 43 percent of individuals are in the ‘seven year itch’ phase with their wireless provider, noting they are comfortable but suspect they are missing out on something better.
* Out of the 1,208 participants polled across four regions of the country, 56 percent of the respondents admitted to being unhappy with their carrier over the past year but only 35 percent of all respondents have ever broken up with their provider.
* In spite of this overall dissatisfaction, respondents are hesitant to call it quits. More than one-third of respondents say they stick with their current provider because they believe all carriers are the same, it is too much trouble to switch carriers, or they don’t want to sign a new contract.

I’m sure that we all fall into at least one of these categories if not all of them.

Well US Cellular is listening.

And they are out to change the way we view Cell Phone providers with their Hello Better Campaign.

• In addition to passionate associates, U.S. Cellular provides customers with unique benefits such as the industry’s only points-based rewards program, no contract after the first contract ends, free incoming calls and texts, free Overage Protection and free Battery Swap for your device.

Wow, is it true? No ongoing contracts and a rewards program? Hello Better is sounding better and better.

US Cellular also has some great plans. Be sure to check out their single and family plans.

U.S. Cellular believes that people deserve better. A mobile phone is supposed to make life simpler and easier to get things done. Your relationship with your wireless carrier should be the same. US Cellular treats their customers like neighbors, not numbers.


Someone gets it!

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