Mattel Toy Story Color Splash Buddies.

If your children are anything like mine they love all things Toy Story. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and even Rex are all beloved characters who provide hours of entrainment as well as lots of fuel for imaginative play.

So I knew they would both love the Toy Story Color Splash Buddies from Mattel. These great little toys come in a 2 pack and are about 2 inches tall.

Many of the characters come in classic colors while some are a little different than you may remember. But the fun doesn’t stop with just opening the box.

These toys change colors when added to warm water and then change back again with cool water.

Toy Story Color Splash Buddies™ Figure 2 Packs: With color change transformation, these 2-inch buddy figures are “outta the box!” Kids can create fantastic adventures as they use warm and icy water to change the figures’ appearances from classic to crazy decos and back again. Warm water brings out lighter decos, while icy water reveals darker ones.

Genghis has claimed these for his bath time toys but the fun doesn’t stop when he puts them in the water. After they change color and he plays with them I have found them in the freezer quite a few times. Then the next night they are pulled out for another dip in the tub.

Rex changes from this dark brown color into the green color we all recognize when placed in warm water. While Chunk Mean’s blue spikes change into the same yellow as the rest of him.

At only $8.99 a two pack these make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the Toy Story fan on your list.

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