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When the Thought Counts but just doesn’t hit the mark, Cardpool. — Yellow Tennessee

When the Thought Counts but just doesn’t hit the mark, Cardpool.

As a homeschooling mom I take advantage of any and every opportunity for a lesson. Grocery shopping can be a great lesson for reading and phonics and also for math. Christmas turned out to be a great opportunity to teach a lesson in being grateful. After opening a few packs of clothes when Genghis got to the underwear I thought his head was going to explode.

Thankfully by the time we got to the pj’s the lesson was learned and we got a smile and a thank you. And there was no mess to clean up from the exploding head. Whew!

But sometimes even the best meaning gift givers run out of time to shop, run out of options, or they just have no idea what to buy you. Inevitability you are left with a gift card. Sometimes this is a great thing, you can catch some after holiday sales and get yourself something that you really want. Sometimes it is the thought that counts and the last thing you need is another gift card to the same store.

Or you are like me and you love to buy gift cards. They are easy to purchase and allow the recipient to get exactly what they want. There is nothing easier than buying online gift cards. A few clicks and your gift is bought.

No matter what group you fall into, Cardpool comes in handy.

Buying gift cards online is super simple. Just select the card you want to purchase from many popular retailers, select the domination and purchase.

My favorite part of Cardpool is they also buy unwanted gift cards. Select your gift card from any of the retailers and Cardpool will send you a shipping label. Ship your gift card to them and in just a few days you will get a check. With some merchants you can even sell your gift card electronically with no shipping involved.

Buying or selling gift cards you are sure to find exactly what you need at Cardpool.

And like Genghis just learned at Christmas, you should smile and say thank you. Because it really is the thought that counts.

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