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Would you consider Plastic Surgery? — Yellow Tennessee

Would you consider Plastic Surgery?

As a mom I know we have sacrificed most of our bodies to having children. Even if you lose the baby weight, things just don’t go back to where they were. Everything is a little softer, a little lower and a little less firm. Add to that getting older and our bodies are just not what they used to be.

When I asked a group of my mom friends about the idea of plastic surgery, most of them had a list of things they wanted to get done. There are always a couple who would rather grow old gracefully and wear their stretch marks like a badge of honor. But for the most part, many woman actually consider going under the knife in order to regain their pre-baby bodies.

I read recently that 62% of all moms actually have a plastic surgery consult to get their pre-baby bodies back.

Thankfully these days plastic surgery is more and more common and besides being able to research and see the work a doctor has done you can even go online and get quotes for tummy tuck cost.

Having just gone through a surgery, although not cosmetic, with two little ones at home, I have learned there a few things you can do to make sure that your recovery time is as painless as possible.

Make sure you have someone to help with the kids and the housework. My mom was in town for a week helping out and having her here was invaluable. It allowed me time to rest when I needed but I still had the peace of mind that my children were well cared for and happy.

Try and arrange easy to prepare meals or delivery options while you are recovering. Again, my mom saved the day this past week but she did have to go back home. This week I have an amazing group of mom friends who have all volunteered to bring dinner over every night this week. It is a wonderful feeling to know that even if I can’t do much of anything but sit and rest all day, my family is still going to have a good, home cooked meal.

While I find myself more in the age gracefully camp I can’t help but wonder if given the opportunity would I have any plastic surgery done. I know I could not go through the pain associated with a tummy tuck but a breast lift surgery might not be that bad.

Would you have any plastic surgery done?

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